AMANI is a Swahili word meaning peace. New life and beginning is what every person desires to have especially if the current one is undesired, depressing, hopeless, stressful and disappointing. Many are the times that you will find yourself stuck at some point in life physically and socially which triggers psychological and economical instability. In such scenarios, anxiety coupled with fear of uncertainty rises to its peak giving birth to helplessness and hopelessness. The situation worsens more when you find yourself in a foreign Land with many unfathomable challenges like Language barrier, Racism, discrimination, inequality of opportunities in the Education and work sectors and the society as whole. It is for this reason that AMANI- new life center comes in handy to offer a variety of solutions to such challenges and make life easier especially for people with International History. We are a non-profit association that is socially committed, Practical, Legal, Cultural and Spiritual. Kindly inform yourself