Who We Are


New life Center is home to many non-profit making Associations and community based organizations. King’s Outreach Center is a Germany based non-profit making organization which reaches out to the society by promoting Diversity and equal opportunities to especially people with International History. It is a sharp critic to racism & discriminations. It engages itself in Advancing children-, youth and Elderly intercultural Family help through peer-support-schemes and professional Networking within and without. The association avails professional Mentorship, training and empowerment programs, to various target groups (i.e those adversely affected by Racism & discriminations, Child abuse, refugees and family violence among others), through Motivational speech workshops, Counselling Programs, Spiritual Meditation, Education and re-educational programs, creative & cultural workshops. King’s Outreach is a member of Afro-social Workers in Germany and Partner to Pamoja Afrika e.V Cologne.