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About The Bold CV

We are your career partners committed to providing you with accurate and timely professional branding. Whether it’s resume writing, interview coaching, career exploration, or LinkedIn optimization strategies, we’ve got you covered!

At The Bold CV Kenya, we understand the job market well and know how to position you at an edge above the rest. Our passion is to empower you with the boldness you require to forge ahead into the vast world of opportunities.

Our model is straight forward. We understand, explore, and act. Understanding your career needs and pain points is our priority. We listen, empathize and offer solutions. We deliver customized career solutions, tailored to suit your specific needs with laser precision.

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To date, we have supported 3K+ clients undergoing career changes or pursuing career growth, with over 90% success rates.

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    Our Services

    Resume Screening/X-ray

    With this service you get a detailed report on how your CV/Resume stacks up against modern best practices.


    If you can develop your own resume, but aren’t sure whether it matches current trends and best practices, do not worry.

    Entry-Level/Recent Graduate Package

    Market penetration can be so daunting, particularly when you are just graduated with little or no work experience.

    Career Changers

    If you are tired of a toxic work culture or feel ready to explore new challenges in a new field, this package is cut to your size.

    Career Coaching

    If you feel stagnated in your career, our range of coaching services include relevant and tailored services to kick start you into an unstoppable motion.

    LinkedIn Optimization

    Boost your odds of getting headhunted and growing your Luck Surface Area through a targeted and keyword enriched profile.


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    The Bold CV Rates

    Resume Screening/X-ray
    $ 19
    • With this service you get a detailed report on how your CV/Resume stacks up against modern best practices.
    • Receive expert insights revealing major pitfalls and fault lines in your branding material, including compatibility with ATS.
    *rates are subject to change
    Senior Management Level (Directors & VPs)
    $ 140
    • This package is suitable for senior management level & directors and also those who aspire to join this level.
    • Get branded for success as an emerging leader.
    • You will receive a modern and well-thought CV/Resume that will put you on an upward trajectory.
    *rates are subject to change
    C-Suite Executives (CFOs, COOs, COOs, CEOs and CCO)
    $ 200
    • As an accomplished thought leader and subject matter expert, you will find this service essential.
    • The package will strategically describe your commercial orientation and leadership competencies succinctly.
    • The package includes 1 curriculum vitae (CV) / Resume, 4 reviews, and an Executive Bio
    *rates are subject to change
    LinkedIn Optimization
    $ 75
    • Linkedin profile audit and review
    • With this package you get an optimized profiles, rated all-star can rank high on LinkedIn Searches
    • With this package you get to boost your odds of getting headhunted and growing your Luck Surface Area through a targeted and keyword enriched profile
    *rates are subject to change

    Mary Maina

    Procurement Manager

    The Bold CV has worked to not only help improve my CV, but also my outlook on how I should approach the job search in this tough market. The Chief Writer is savvy in job search
    strategies, ATS compliance, and constantly follows up with clients to evaluate progress. I'm glad to have worked with him and recommend him to all job seekers, for career advice, coaching, and resume/CV revamping.

    Denis Mwarania

    Senior Data Engineer

    My search for branding experts literally stopped when I met Douglas from The Bold CV on LinkedIn! The Bold CV has been supporting me with all my resume needs. Their range of customized career branding services, coupled with a personalized touch, are outstanding.
    The Bold CV always keeps their word on turnaround times and are available when needed. I highly endorse their services as being impactful, client-focused and yielding a ROI.

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