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AssetManagement Services
Hospitality Associates International’s Asset Management services are designed to achieve maximum operating performance to optimize revenues.
Business Planning
Every successful business is founded on a sound business plan that concisely and clearly outlines the business purpose, vision, mission, goals and objectives, strategy, and a plan for how the business will execute.
Capital Raising
For opportunistic or non-traditional development projects, raising debt or equity capital can be one of the biggest challenges. Our background and track record can open up access to equity funding for those who meet our criteria.
Development Advisory
Hospitality Associates International oversees quality-driven projects in all segments and brands for seamless hotel development.

What does
HAI do?

Hospitality Associates International is a global hospitality consulting firm with offices in Africa and the Middle East. We are one of the leading providers of hospitality solutions and hotel transaction advisory services in Africa. Our service offer has evolved over the years into a portfolio that includes; asset management, project management, strategic growth, capital sourcing, acquisitions, underwriting & analysis, special servicing, hotel development, conversions, training & development, destination management, sales & marketing, brand positioning, hotel valuation, feasibilities studies.


We continue to grow our leadership, development, and management teams with outstanding hospitality industry talent. Our team is successful because of our people, processes, and technology. We are dedicated to creating and maintaining a high-performing culture grounded in values, integrity, fairness, and respect. Our multi-talented team of hospitality experts creates ongoing value for our clients and addresses their specific needs by providing world-class business solutions and support services.
What Industries are we specialized in?

We take pride in our ability to learn the fundamentals of virtually any industry or technology quickly within the tourism, travel and leisure. Some of the markets we have served include green technologies, leisure, human capital, Internet/e-commerce, mergers & acquisitions, e-learning, hospitality real estate, technology, destination management, retail, food service, wellness, travel and entertainment, capital raising, enterprise software, energy, and impact tourism. Having said that, we believe that the value we bring to the table is not industry expertise — which you already possess in abundance — but rather an understanding of what investors like to see in a potential opportunity.

What do we do?

We help entrepreneurs get ready to raise capital. This usually consists of some or all of the following services:

  • Business plan development
  • Financial forecast development
  • Pitch deck (investor presentation) preparation
  • Strategy development
  • Market research and analysis
  • Competitor research and analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • General coaching and advisory services
  • Capital formation strategy

Please note that we cannot help our clients raise capital. This is a service that is heavily regulated. In general, only brokers licensed with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) can legally offer this type of service. Please make sure that any “finder” you talk to is properly licensed with FINRA before you hire them.

Can you guarantee that our plan will raise capital?

Of course not. Nobody can make that guarantee (and if somebody ever makes that guarantee, it’s a good idea to run away quickly). A good plan is essential, but a plan alone will not get funded. Although we will do our best to help you prepare, we have no control over how well you present yourselves to investors, or how well you answer their questions. We can coach and we can mentor, but at the end of the day, it’s your business and you must close the deal.

Can you help us raise money?

Yes, we can, we make introductions to potential investors or other intermediaries. In certain jurisdictions, only brokers licensed with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) can legally arrange financing. Please seek legal counsel and make sure that any “finder” you talk to is properly licensed with FINRA before you hire them. Failing to do so may expose you and your company to significant liability.

Do you ever invest in your clients?

No, we are management consultants, not investors.

Do we really need a business plan?

If you run a business, then it’s probably safe to say yes. In fact, you may require more than one business plan: one for raising capital and one for running your business. The former is a compact, easily digested strategic document that is designed to persuade potential investors to pick up the phone and invite you to their offices for an initial meeting. The latter is a more detailed document serving as a day-to-day roadmap, detailing the tactics supporting your overall strategy. The former needs to be an attractive document that sells; the latter can be a collection of spreadsheets, lists, research summaries, and other documents stuffed in a binder that you refer to and update on a regular basis. We specialize in preparing the capital-raising business plan, but many of the by-products are suitable for use in the operating business plan.

The Benefits

If it is hospitality or tourism related, we have the answer. We specialize in all dimensions of the hospitality and tourism sector, because we have built capabilities and expertise across all tourism verticals.
What makes your business plans so special?

Most importantly, they work. In a world in which fewer than 1 in 250 business plans ever raise venture capital, we are happy to report that about half of our plans have raised capital, and a good portion of the rest resulted in an acquisition or currently have commitments for investment from prior round investors. Each plan is handcrafted to reflect the client’s specific circumstances, yet share attributes that investors find appealing.

What makes your financial projections special?

Balance sheets that balance. Cash flows, income statements, and balance sheets that tie together (you’d be surprised by how many consultants who don’t get the basics right). Fully assumption-driven, so that you can do what-if analyses. Depending on your needs, we can include a lot of very sophisticated features – learn more about our financial projections here.

How does the process work?

Every situation is unique. However, some fairly common steps include the following:

  • Initial discussion to understand your basic needs.
  • Review your existing materials (draft business plans, financials, market research, competitor research, etc.).
  • Follow-up discussion to clarify details and agree upon the scope and fees for the project.
  • Several in-depth discussions to better understand the details, develop strategies, and agree on all major elements of the business plan and financial model.
  • Conduct additional research, as needed.
  • Draft an Investor Presentation and review it with you to ensure that all parties agree on the high-level vision.
  • Draft the Executive Summary and review it with you to ensure that we all agree on the next level of detail.
  • Prepare a draft outline of the business plan for your review.
  • Begin filling in the details on the draft. Obtain and incorporate your feedback.
  • Incorporate your revenue and expense models into the financial model, and explain how it works so that you can take “ownership” of the financials.
  • Finalize all deliverables.
  • Coach you on the best way to deliver the investor presentation and on how to address questions.
  • Provide ongoing support, including making minor updates to the deliverables at no additional charge.

Depending on how we structure the project, you should expect to spend anywhere from 10-30 hours on the process over the course of a typical engagement.

How long does it take?

For a typical engagement, consisting of a business plan, financial forecast, and investor presentation, the typical time to completion is 6-8 weeks, as illustrated below. The actual time can be influenced by the quality of your existing materials, the level of your participation, the complexity of your market and business model, and our current workload.

Can you work any faster?

Yes, but we may need to charge a “rush” fee. We typically work on multiple projects at any point in time, and rush projects can strain our schedules or inconvenience other clients.

Will you agree with everything I say?

Only if you’re always right. One of our jobs is to help you avoid mistakes. We’ll challenge your ideas and assumptions so that you’ll be ready for the tough questions when you meet with investors.


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