Home Moving Checklist

Home Moving Checklist


The first step to every move is creating a timeline. In doing so, you are able to systematize the order of things which essentially make it easier for you to proceed and do the actual process of moving. The following checklist is a helpful tool in preparing you for that big decision of settling in to your new home.

Timeline Description Status
90 Days Before the Move Decide on which items to take with you and which ones to throw away. Most experts suggest a garage sale. You provide someone with something they want and you get a bit of something in return. [DONE / PENDING]
Make an estimate regarding the expenses that will be involved during the move. Start contacting moving companies to get quotes. Maintain a record folder to put all expense records for the move. [DONE / PENDING]
Start making an inventory of all the items you will be taking to your new home. You can organize each per area of the house. See house inventory checklist at the bottom of this document. [DONE / PENDING]
Start Packing early. After making the inventory, decide which items are most unlikely to be used in the coming months. Start by packing at least one box a day. This should give you more than enough time to the date of your actual move. [DONE / PENDING]
Organize all important documents into one box or folder. Make sure to have copies as well and label them as clearly as possible. [DONE / PENDING]
60 Days Before the Move After deciding for your choice of mover, contact and have moving vehicle, equipment, or help reserved on the moving date. [DONE / PENDING]
Contact and cancel subscriptions for any local newspaper, magazine or any other daily deliveries in relation to your date of moving away. [DONE / PENDING]
Contact the local post to have all letters and parcels routed to your new address at the date of your moving away. [DONE / PENDING]
30 Days Before the Move Contact utility providers to inform of your move and have utility services such as gas, electricity, telephone, and water and cable services transferred to your new home. [DONE / PENDING]
Pay all outstanding bills. Make sure to leave your contact details to a neighbor in case there may be some collectors who come after you have moved. [DONE / PENDING]
Contact the necessary companies and inform them of your transfer of residence such as your bank (with existing bank loans) and insurance institutions. Make sure to leave your new address. [DONE / PENDING]
Rent out storage space for large furniture’s that you will not be bringing to your new house. Again, they can be sold afterwards when you find a buyer or when you have more time to spare. [DONE / PENDING]
15 Days Before the Move It is very important to verify the moving company of the date of your house transfer and with any additional services needed on that date. [DONE / PENDING]
Organize important items that may be needed on your first few nights at your new home. Pack them in a clearly labeled priority box. Items such as shampoo, bath soap, towels, few clothes, towels, pillows and bed sheets. This saves you the effort and time of looking around in a pile of boxes during your first few days. [DONE / PENDING]
Make a final sweep of your old house to see if there is anything else you have left behind. [DONE / PENDING]
1-2 Days Before the Move Have an initial inspection of your new home. Check to see any other required preparations needed for the move. [DONE / PENDING]
Moving Day Check all remaining spaces of your old home to see anything else amiss or that need to be brought. [DONE / PENDING]
Double check on your important items box and make sure to have it with you during the move. [DONE / PENDING]
Keep all transaction receipts from the movers for future reference. [DONE / PENDING]
Check if all items are delivered at your new home per your initial inventory made a few months back. See sample house inventory checklist below. [DONE / PENDING]

House Inventory Checklist

Area Item Item Quantity
Living Room Couch [NUMBER]
Chairs [NUMBER]
Tables [NUMBER]
Carpet / Rugs [NUMBER]
Curtains / Blinds [NUMBER]
Decorations [NUMBER]
Shelves [NUMBER]
Cabinets [NUMBER]
Book cases [NUMBER]
Television [NUMBER]
Audio / Video System [NUMBER]
Dining Room Tables [NUMBER]
Chairs [NUMBER]
Cabinets [NUMBER]
Shelves [NUMBER]
Linens [NUMBER]
China ware [NUMBER]
Crystal [NUMBER]
Mirror [NUMBER]
Wall Decor [NUMBER]
Curtains and Blinds [NUMBER]
Carpets and Rugs [NUMBER]
Kitchen Dishwasher [NUMBER]
Mixer [NUMBER]
Refrigerator [NUMBER]
Microwave [NUMBER]
Dishes [NUMBER]
Cutlery [NUMBER]
Glassware [NUMBER]
Stove / Oven [NUMBER]
Tables and Chairs [NUMBER]
Curtains and Blinds [NUMBER]
Pots and Pans [NUMBER]
Utensils [NUMBER]
Coffee Maker [NUMBER]
Laundry Room Dryer [NUMBER]
Washer [NUMBER]
Linens [NUMBER]
Bathrooms Cabinets [NUMBER]
Linen [NUMBER]
Mirror [NUMBER]
Electric Razor [NUMBER]
Hair Dryer [NUMBER]
Curtains and Blinds [NUMBER]
Hallways Cabinets [NUMBER]
Shelves [NUMBER]
Racks [NUMBER]
Lamps [NUMBER]
Chairs [NUMBER]
Tables [NUMBER]
Curtains and Blinds [NUMBER]
Carpets and Rugs [NUMBER]
Bedrooms Air conditioning units [NUMBER]
Bed Frames [NUMBER]
Computer Chairs [NUMBER]
Beddings [NUMBER]
Pillows [NUMBER]
Linen [NUMBER]
Tables [NUMBER]
Chairs [NUMBER]
Closets [NUMBER]
Cabinets [NUMBER]
Shelves [NUMBER]
Desks [NUMBER]
Lamps [NUMBER]
Carpets and Rugs [NUMBER]
Wall Decor [NUMBER]
Television [NUMBER]
Dressers [NUMBER]
Curtains and Blinds [NUMBER]
Attic Trunk Boxes [NUMBER]
Used Furniture [NUMBER]
Others [NUMBER]
Basement Tools [NUMBER]
Heating and Ventilation unit [NUMBER]
Sump pump [NUMBER]
Tables [NUMBER]
Chairs [NUMBER]
Other Stored Equipment [NUMBER]
Garage Automotive Equipment [NUMBER]
Garden Tools [NUMBER]
Lawn Mower [NUMBER]
Power Tools [NUMBER]
Bicycles [NUMBER]
Sports Equipment [NUMBER]
Jewelry Rings [NUMBER]
Bracelets [NUMBER]
Earrings [NUMBER]
Necklaces [NUMBER]
Watches [NUMBER]
Electronics DVD Players [NUMBER]
Speakers [NUMBER]
Scanners [NUMBER]
Computers [NUMBER]
Cameras [NUMBER]
Alarm Clocks [NUMBER]
Cellphones [NUMBER]
Radios [NUMBER]
Laptops [NUMBER]
Printers [NUMBER]
Tablets [NUMBER]


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