• Dusting Room Surfaces

    Dusting Room Surfaces

    Dusting Room Surfaces Before a housekeeper begins dusting, he/she should know the type of cleaner to use. For dusting purposes, the diluted all-purpose cleaner or window cleaner is appropriate. Never use the all-purpose cleaner at full-strength on the furniture because it is too harsh. While dusting, it is an ideal time for the housekeeper to Read more

  • Prevention and Removal of mold & mildew

    Prevention and Removal of mold & mildew

    Prevention and Removal of Mold/Mildew What is Mildew/Mold? Mildew/mold is a live fungus. It needs three things to survive: dark conditions, damp conditions and a food source. Humidity and moisture are key to the growth of mold/mildew. The typical guest bathroom provides the perfect environment for growth (reproduction); dark, moist surfaces, a humid… Read more

  • How to Clean the Bathroom

    How to Clean the Bathroom

    Ensure you have all cleaning supplies and tools within reach before you commence on the cleaning exercise. It is important for the cleaner not to clean bathrooms using guest towels. Towels are too costly to replace to use for cleaning purposes. The subsequent steps outline the procedures for cleaning the bathroom. (Remember to dry all Read more

  • Home Moving Checklist

    Home Moving Checklist

    MOVING CHECKLIST The first step to every move is creating a timeline. In doing so, you are able to systematize the order of things which essentially make it easier for you to proceed and do the actual process of moving. The following checklist is a helpful tool in preparing you for that big decision of Read more



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