Dusting Room Surfaces

Dusting Room Surfaces

Dusting Room Surfaces

Before a housekeeper begins dusting, he/she should know the type of cleaner to use. For dusting purposes, the diluted all-purpose cleaner or window cleaner is appropriate. Never use the all-purpose cleaner at full-strength on the furniture because it is too harsh. While dusting, it is an ideal time for the housekeeper to check the furniture for any problems or repairs. Report drawers that are difficult to open or off their tracks. Note any wobbly legs on the furniture, torn lamp shades, and other damaged items.

  1. Check the walls and ceiling for marks and cobwebs; remove with the all-purpose Cleaner and cloth by placing the cleaning cloth over a broom to reach corners and ceiling.
  2. Empty ashtrays in the can, not the toilet (check to make sure the ashes are cool); wash in the sink and wipe dry.
  3. Spray furniture surfaces with water and wipe dry.
  4. Open the drawer so you can see clear back into the drawer. Clean the inside and outside of the drawers.
  5. Dust and clean the T.V. with a damp cloth. Be sure to dust behind it, underneath it, and the stand. Clean the T.V. screen. Do not spray window cleaner on the screen… it may damage the inside of the TV. Check to make sure the remote control works.
  6. Spray a cloth with window cleaner and wipe the entire telephone including the receiver and cord. Check to see that the instructions for phone use are intact; replace if necessary.
  7. Wipe lamps and lamp shades with the all-purpose cleaner. (Brass fixtures require a different cleaner. The Housekeeper will provide on request.
  8. Straighten shades and turn seams toward wall.
  9. Check the headboards for cleanliness. With a damp cloth, dust the headboards and dust all pictures throughout the room, also dust the top of the mirror.
  10. With a damp cloth, dust the shelf in the closet and the rods. Check to see that the correct number of hangers, laundry bags, slips are there per instructions.
  11. After you dust the nightstand and drawer, dust the phone book, bible and replace. Replace the memo pad if dirty and any literature used per instructions. Don’t forget to check behind the nightstand for debris.
  12. With a damp cloth, dust the air conditioner surfaces and with a paint brush, clean the grill. Adjust the HVAC unit per instructions.
  13. Wipe chairs with a damp cloth. Don’t forget to dust the legs and backs and around or underneath the cushion. Do not push chairs against drapes because this will interfere with the opening/closing and cause condensation stains.
  14. Sweep clean fingerprints and window tracks and windows if needed.
  15. Wipe off the entrance door front and back looking for fingerprints. Also check the peephole to see if it has been stuffed with tissue, if so remove. Check the connecting door also for fingerprints and smudges, then lock.
  16. Take special note of the drapes and furniture placement.


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