How much will this service cost

The service is charged by the size of the area that is being cleaned. The price includes all labor done and the materials that were used.

How long will the service take

It depends. Factors such as size and condition of the floor need to be taken into account. Just to play it safe, expect something like up to half a day.

Is this cleaning service noisy and disruptive

Well, imagine the hum from a regular vacuum cleaner.

Are the technicians licensed

Yes, they have all the necessary certification and experience. They are also insured.

Do I have to move the furniture

Yes, the floor has to be completely naked in order for the service to take place.

Is this a guaranteed service

If we are unable to guarantee the results, then the service won’t start without your permission.

Is this procedure going to affect the underfloor heating

No, it won’t. But please make sure to inform us if there is one.

Can you remove grout

This procedure does not include removal of grout. However, we can also arrange a visitation from handyman to help you with this.

Are there any cancellation fees? Do you require deposits

The cancellation fee is in accordance to Kenyan laws so we kindly ask you to give us at least a 48-hour notice before you cancel the booking. Deposits are applicable for services above KES 20,000/-.

Do you need a notice to organize my cleaning appointment

It depends on the team’s availability but sometimes even a same-day appointment can be arranged.

What is your coverage

This service is available in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kampala, Dar es salaam, Kigali


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