• 48-hour guarantee so you get your deposit back
  • Eco-friendly detergents, upon request
  • FREE dip tank oven cleaning as part of the end of tenancy
  • Antiviral property sanitization to eliminate 99.9% of germs and viruses
  • Detailed checklist approved by agencies
  • FREE online surveys for big properties


Are you moving out from a rental property? Our end of tenancy cleaning service is suitable for everyone who is moving in or out of a property.

Now we offer Antiviral Sanitization that kills 99.99% of viruses and bacteria!

Take precautions before leaving your rented property and book a professional end of tenancy cleaning service you can trust. Our move out cleaning service comes with 48h FREE re-clean guarantee in order to please your landlord or letting agent. You can also extend the guaranteed period of the service to 7 days for a fee of KES 3000 and add expert property sanitization.  Only a professional cleaning company will secure your check-out deposit refund.

Why you should use professional cleaning services?

Professional cleaning stands for high-end equipment and detergents combined with thorough know-how. Kleen Crew’ end of tenancy cleaning ensures that the post-rental condition of the property meets your landlord’s expectations:

  • Professional and eco-friendly detergents provided by leading manufacturers.
  • Specialized dip tanks to decrease and remove dirt from all removable parts of your oven.
  • Skillful cleaners with over 10 years of experience will guarantee a clean and shiny property that will impress the property owner.
  • Non-time-limited service – The cleaners leave when the job’s done. Usually from 6 to 8 hrs.
  • All appliances are cleaned as part of your service.
  • Key pick-up, upon request – to ensure more convenient access to the property.
  • Regular quality inspections and reports.
  • Property Antiviral Sanitization to get rid of germs and viruses available upon request.

With care for the environment!

As a nature-conscious company, we introduce more and more sustainable practices in our operations. Now you can have your end of tenancy cleaning service done with detergents that are nature-friendly and just as effective as traditional products. This allows us to reduce the impact of chemicals which are released in the atmosphere.

The Fantastic end of tenancy cleaning service comes with dedicated support and customer care. Book online via our handy online booking form or call for professional void cleaning service at Kleen Crew.

Our end of tenancy checklist

Kitchen Checklist

  • Fridge*: Remove all grime, mildew, and food splatters. Wipe the door handles, clean the rubber seal and the top of the fridge.
  • Freezer*: Clean the inside and outside and wipe door handles.
  • Dishwasher: Remove mildew, grime, and food deposits, check filters, clean the soap dispenser drawer.
  • Washing machine: Wipe down inside and outside, check and clean the rubber seal, clean the dispenser drawer with detergent
  • Microwave: Clean the inside and outside, rotating plate and handle
  • Tumble Dryer: Clean dust and lint filters, check handles and rubber seal
  • Professional Oven Cleaning (FREE): Clean and degrease oven, hob and grill, grill pan and oven racks, inner top of the oven. Wipe and clean the rubber seal.
  • Toaster: Clean and remove any leftover crumbs, the outside and under the appliance beneath
  • Clear inside and outside all cupboards and drawers. Cleaning the grime around the handles.
  • Dust the rubbish bin – clean the top and beneath it.
  • Scrub, descale and wipe the sink. Clean and throw away any food debris, dirt or around the sink drain.
  • Clean and dry all the wall tiles and grout.
  • Vacuum and mop the floors, polish the smooth surfaces

NOTE: Fridges and freezers should be defrosted in advance.

Bathroom Checklist

  • Bathtub, toilet, bidet, shower cubicles: Check and remove any hair around the drainage, remove all limescale, clean tiles with a dry cloth.
  • Mop and scrub the floor
  • Clean all taps and fittings, remove limescale and wipe
  • Clean the sink, sink cabinet and soap dispenser
  • Wipe and dust the radiator and towel rail
  • Clean and polish all mirrors and glass
  • Wipe and clean the extractor fans from dust and dirt
  • Clean the pipework and plumbing behind the toilet if accessible

Living Room Checklist

  • Doors: Wipe the top of all doors and door frames, clean any door marks
  • Windows: Clean windows from inside, wipe down window sills, and remove fingerprints
  • Furniture: Wipe down tables and other smooth surfaces, remove cushions and hover inside the sofa, move beds, sofas and drawers and clean underneath them
  • Dust and wipe all the woodwork
  • Dust vents and ceiling fans
  • Dust walls and remove cobwebs
  • Clean any mirrors, pictures, and top of the picture frames
  • Clean all switches and sockets