How to Clean the Bathroom

How to Clean the Bathroom

Ensure you have all cleaning supplies and tools within reach before you commence on the cleaning exercise. It is important for the cleaner not to clean bathrooms using guest towels. Towels are too costly to replace to use for cleaning purposes.
The subsequent steps outline the procedures for cleaning the bathroom. (Remember to dry all surfaces and make sure everything is free of grit and soap film. Soap film that is not wiped off is the number one cause of mildew).

  1.  All-purpose cleaner should be used on the vanity top, in the sink, under the toilet bowl rim, on tile shower walls and in the tub. Do not allow the cleaning solution to dry on surfaces because it will leave a film.
  2. Clean sink and vanity with cloth.
    a. Remove the sink stopper and clean thoroughly with a brush.
    b. Wipe sink and fixtures.
    c. Wipe all vanity surfaces to remove soil and fingerprints.
    d. Dry all surfaces and fixtures with a clean dry cloth.
  3. Clean the mirrors, including the full length. Be sure there are no spots or streaks.
  4. Wash the waste baskets thoroughly in the bathtub. Empty into the toilet. Dry with a cloth.
  5. Clean the bathtub and tile walls. If this is not done each day, soap scum will accumulate on the tile and in the crevices (grout).
    a. Place a used guest towel in the tub to stand on while cleaning the tub and walls in order to prevent slipping.
    b. Scrub the walls and the soap dish with a brush. If walls are extremely dirty, spray them with an additional all-purpose cleaner, run hot water in shower and use the steam generated to help loosen dirt. Remember to wash underneath the soap dish.
    c. Clean and polish all tub/shower fixtures, paying attention to the showerhead and railings.
    d. Lift out stopper, clean with brush, rinse and replace. Leave tub stopper up.
  6. Scrub the tub thoroughly and make sure the non-skid tub strips are clean. No bathtub can ever be too clean.
  7. Wipe shower curtain rod check to make sure all shower curtain hooks are in place.
  8. Clean the shower curtain.
    a. Shake the shower curtain outside the tub.
    b. Change when needed. ¬
  9. Rinse walls, fixtures, tub and curtain by pouring water down surfaces with the ice bucket.
  10. Dry the inside and outside surfaces of tub.
  11. Place shower curtain inside tub and open at least six inches from each wall. This helps to prevent mildew.
  12. Flush the toilet and then using a “Johnny Brush” or rag, scrub under rim and around the bowl. For stubborn stains, use a disinfectant cleanser and a stronger scrubbing action.
    a. Clean the toilet lid and seat on both sides and chrome with an all-purpose cleaner and wipe them dry with a clean, dry cloth.
    b. Wash around the entire outside of toilet, i.e. base and tank and wipe dry.
  13. Check to see if there is plenty of toilet paper on the roll, at least ½ inch. Replace if dirty or smudged. Always have paper rollout from side to top. Fold the end of the toilet tissue into a “V”. Check to see if you need an extra roll of toilet tissue.
  14. Wipe all towel racks and robe hooks, clean and dry. Also wipe the Kleenex dispenser.
  15. Clean the light switch and wash off any fingerprints or smudges on the wall around the switch.
  16. Clean the top and inside of the bathroom door and wipe off the doorknob.
  17.  Replace all other bathroom supplies according to instructions. Make sure towels are well folded and placed neatly on rack or towel bar.
  18. Clean and dry the ice bucket and place on the vanity. Replace the bucket if badly soiled.
  19. Check to see if the vent/fan needs to be cleaned and is properly working.
  20. Wipe/clean hair from the bathroom floor thoroughly, making sure not to miss behind the toilet and the door. Wipe the floor and baseboard with a cloth and all-purpose cleaner. Pay particular attention to corners and edges. Replace the wastebasket that has been cleaned. Take a last look to make sure that everything is in it’s place and that you have left absolutely no hair in the bathroom.


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