About Us

About Us

Founded in 2020 in Nairobi, Kenya, the brand has both Kenyan roots and an African soul. Leveraging the unique style and design of these mid-tier urban-inspired hotels, a deep understanding of the African travel market and the distribution power of Sarabi and preferred hotels network.

With 2 hotels in East Africa scheduled to open by December, 2021 and a strong pipeline of over 6 under development, the brand destined to grow in major travel markets across the region. Sarabi is designed for value based, frictionless hotel experience that anticipates and supports a guest’s true needs, and enables them live life on the road by design, not by default. With flexible open spaces, purposeful design, signature moments and no unwanted extras, guests maximize their stay with style and intention.

Who We Are

We aim to be the leading hotel brand among NextGen travellers in Africa.

We seek to provide exceptional value to clients, associates and stakeholders by finding, acquiring, developing and operating our hotels in a safe, profitable and socially responsible manner.

Behave Like an Owner

We accept accountability for our actions and results. We treat the Company’s assets as our own. We are entrepreneurial and look for opportunities to grow our business. We act with integrity, operating within the letter and spirit of the law and Sarabi’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics.

Act with a Sense of Urgency

We are decisive, take initiative and make tough decisions when necessary. We set priorities and act on them.

Be a Team Player

We work safely at all times. We respect our colleagues and those we interact with outside our organization. We listen to others for understanding and we ask for help. We build trust and celebrate our successes. We help others improve their effectiveness. We promote confidence and trust in each other’s capabilities.

Continually Improve

We are always committed to improvement. We build on good ideas, learn from our mistakes and challenge the status quo. We think outside of the box and have a desire to succeed and add value to our work.

Deliver Results

We have a clear vision of where we’re going and the plan to get there. We focus our resources to achieve our objectives. We pay attention to detail and keep our commitments. We deliver results.


We stand for who we are and where we have come from. We operate with integrity, honour, tradition and are uncompromising in our pursuit of excellence. We are part of the fabric of Sarabi Hotels

Family First

We serve each other before we serve anyone else. We are committed to creating a nurturing supportive community for our team members, all of whom are considered to be family

Hunger, Tenacity & Doggedness

We have built this movement on grit and fight; determination and doggedness are our fuel. We will things into existence. Skills can be taught, passion is inherent

Solution Oriented

We do whatever we can to provide the best possible service and celebrate out of the box thinking. We search for, create and deliver solutions, not problems. We built our company from scarce resources so we never focus on luck or on what we do not have.


We lead by example. We show up ready to fight everyday-for every hotel guest, for every hotel performance metric and  for every financial result. Our successes and failures are collective.

Personal Responsibility & Accountability

When things go wrong, we do not point fingers of blame. We take responsibility for our actions and inactions, and support our team mates wholeheartedly. We are accountable to each other and practice what we preach.


Greatness is measured by consistency. Not singular achievements. Excellence is doing the small things correctly. When in doubt go back to the basics.

We will Always be Underdogs

Since day one, our underdog mentality has always been a driving force behind our tireless pursuit of excellence. Even as we grow, we still play like we are one goal down and minutes away from the final whistle

We play to win

We give it 100% or we do not do it at all. We are highly aspirational. We do a lot but we never compromise our standards. We never play to do okay or just to make up numbers.

Appetite for Risk

Our biggest successes have come when we have rolled the dice. Risks are opportunities. When we play it safe the results are safe? We will keep rolling the dice.

Respect & Unity

No matter what differences we have, we respect each other. We argue and have our different viewpoints but once a decision is made. We all own it and we make it happen as one.

Evolution, Adaptation, & Innovation

Our growing family enables us to leverage our collective genius, to evolve and make meaningful progress on a daily basis. We have all the answers we are looking for. The next big idea is already in the room