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The County Government’s focus on health is to provide adequate, affordable, quality basic health care, improve the cost sharing revenue, provide physical infrastructure in the hospital, health centres and dispensaries and rehabilitation of existing health facilities. Health service management through competent and skilled staff at all levels of service delivery will be provided. Medical outreaches will also be emphasized in the hinterlands.

The Ministry has the following sectors

  • Health
  • Sanitation
  • Medical Services

Health Services are now fully devolved to the County Government. Tana River County has 71Health Facilities in three Sub-Counties distributed as follows: Garsen Sub- County 30 Galole 20 and Bura 21. The Department has a total of 437 staff. This makes Health the largest devolved Ministry in Tana River County.


To provide participatory and integrated high quality promotive, preventive, curative and rehabilitative health care services in the County


A county providing quality health care services to all communities

Departmental Core Values and Principles are:

  • Zero tolerance to corruption
  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Transparency, accountability and personal responsibility
  • Non discrimination
  • Enthusiasm
  • Patriotism

Health Strategic Objectives

The objectives of the health sector are:

  • Eliminate Communicable conditions
  • Halt and reverse the burden of non communicable condition
  • Reduce the burden of violence and injury
  • Minimize exposure to health risk factors
  • Provide essential health services
  • Strengthen collaboration with health related sectors

The main health functions are as follows:

  • Preventive service
  • Curative service and Rehabilitative services
  • Promotive health services

The following are the main health programs being implemented:

  • Immunization (KEPI)
  • Malaria prevention and control
  • TB Control and care
  • Reproductive health care
  • Communicable Disease control and surveillance
  • Nutrition services
  • HIV /AIDS programs
  • Maternal and child Health
  • Essential health products and technologies
  • Diagnostic and imaging services

The Ministry of Health, Water and Sanitation has the following sectors:- Water and Sanitation, Health


Tana River County water system falls in the Tana and Athi river basins with Tana basin taking about 90% while Athi takes about 10%. Apart from the aforementioned river there exist other seasonal rivers (laggas), forming sub catchments which all drain west –east to river Tana basin. These seasonal sub catchments and laggas are Hirimani in Tana North, Galole in Tana River and Kokani in Tana Delta sub counties.

Devolved Functions

  1. Rural water and sanitation services.
  2. Provision of water and sanitation service in small and medium towns without formal service providers
  3. Water harvesting (specific to counties)
  4. Urban water and sanitation services with formal service provision including water, sanitation
    and sewerage companies

Hola water supply is the largest and one of the 3 water supplies being run by Tana Water and Sanitation Co. (TAWASCO). Others are Garsen and Ngao w/supplies. This water supply is an old treatment works that was constructed 1971 to serve a small population of Hola town. Its ultimate design period has since expired by 23 years. Normal design period is 20 years. It serves Hola town, and its environs i.e MalindiyaNgwena, WattaKone, Mikinduni, Emaus, Makutano and Kalkacha.

The county government is in the process of expanding the water supply through world bank. The new WaSSIP project is an expansion and rehabilitation of the Hola water supply. It is a World Bank funded project through Coast Water Services Board under Water and Sanitation. Improvement Program (Wassip) to increase daily water production by 1200M3

Mnazini water supply is a bore hole which can produce 26m3/hr. However during the year under review, a 5m3/hrpump was installed and the site handed over by National Water Conservation and Pipeline Co-operation to Kibaoni residents.

Kone water supply is the only reliable source of water in Kone sub location. It is a is 72m bore hole at lagaKokani which pumps 6m3/hr and gets power from a18kva generating set.
It has two elevated tanks of 10m3, 5m3 with another 10m3 surface tank 300meters away.

Current functions /programmes

1. Expansion programmes:-

  • Planned takeover of Madogo w/supply from Gawasco and Bura w/supply from NIB,
  • Ongoing construction of Kipao w/supply
  • Garsen w/supply- Shell line extension
  • Development and equipping of Idsowe, Waldena, Gubani and Walesonrea BHs

2. Hola w/suppy –

  • Immediate construction of a new coagulation basin to replace the leaking one
  • Proposed totally new larger plant upstream to accommodate the fast growing town water demand.

3. WaSSip project

  • Notice of termination has been served to contractor