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Mrs. Hadija Harufa Algi - CECM Public Service Management, Administration & ICT

Tana River county is divided into three sub counties formerly known as districts namely:-
1. Tana Delta sub county
2. Tana River sub county
3. Tana North sub county

The sub county is also divided into 15 wards. In total, Tana River County is represented widely by fifteen Wards (15) each with a ward administrator.
The wards are further divided into villages. Each of these administrative units needs an administrator to be in charge at each level.

Tana North Sub County has six wards:

  1. Hirimani Ward
  2. Chewele ward
  3. Nanighi Ward
  4. Sala Ward
  5. Madogo
  6. Bangal Ward

Tana Delta Sub- County has a total of five wards:

  1. Garsen Central
  2. Garsen South
  3. Garsen North
  4. Kipini West
  5. Kipini East.

Tana River Sub- County has a total of four wards:

  1. Chewani
  2. Kinakomba
  3. Wayu ward
  4. Mikinduni Ward

The mandates of public service and civic education includes:-

  1. co-ordination of county function
  2. Tracking of Implementation of policies/Acts
  3. co-ordination of county civil service
  4. Ensuring smooth service delivery in the county
  5. Ensuring citizens are well informed of the constitution
  6. Ensure transparency in the administration

Create a dynamic, successful and vibrant county of excellence with a safe, secure and stable environment

To sustain improved efficiency and effectiveness throughout the public sector.

  1. Integrity
  2.  Fairness
  3. Respect
  4.  Transparency
  5. Teamwork

The overall Goal of public and civic education is to improve efficiency and effectiveness by introduction of best practices and implement them and educate the citizens.

  1. To establish policy and institutional framework for effective and efficient service delivery
  2. Enhance collaboration with the various department for effective and efficient service delivery
  3. To build a well informed citizen who will participate in the day to day operations of the county
  4. To create accessible administration to enhance accountability and efficiency to the grassroots
  5. e) Working inline towards the attainment of vision 2030
  6. f) To make institutional provisions to ensure appropriate and structured civic Education training
  7. To make available sensitization, awareness creation and functional literacy to the Public on the constitution

Office of the governor together with the department of cohesion and special program also helped in resettling the victims of Riketa massacre. H.E promised to help in building a police post.

The department works towards having the best in terms of service delivery.